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Packing and moving from one place to another is no longer a tedious job. Nowadays we have many professional packers and movers Delhi, who can make the job exceedingly easy for their clients. From arranging packing boxes to properly packing expensive appliances and fragile items, they take care of everything and make sure nothing is lost or damaged during transit. During the entire process, the most important job, which we need to focus our attention on, is to find out a reliable movers and packers in Delhi. Below are some tips that can help you in making a well informed decision.


Local vs. National

If you are moving locally, then it is important that you choose a local movers and packers instead of a company who operates on a national level. A local operator can offer significantly lower prices, than a national operator. Local operators are more aware of the local routes and help you with the transportation process in lesser amount of time.


Don’t Be Lured By Cheap Prices

Packing and moving involves significant cost. In abid to reduce the expenses, many people often opt for cheap movers and packers in Delhi, who often advertise their services through pamphlets and posters. Opting for a cheaper alternative is definitely recommended, but it should not be undertaken at the cost of authenticity. Companies without registration can leave you in a mess and you might end up spending a huge amount in fixing or replacing damaged items.


Hidden Costs and Insurance

When you finalise a movers and packers service, enquire about their insurance policies. Reputed companies usually offer free insurance coverage to their customers. Damage to items during the process of transportation can be a source of major heartache. While finalising the amount, make sure there is no hidden cost in the form of tax or service charges, which you need to pay on receiving the items.


Do Not Hire a Start-up

Start-up companies might have very lucrative rates for their customers, but may not offer good services to their customers due to their limited experience in this field. Without proper expertise and knowledge, it is likely that your goods would not be in safe hands.

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Vishal Yagnik

I was looking for trusted company to shift my office. I initially wasted a lot of time on internet. But Packers and Movers List finally helped me to move my office. I choosed after comparing 3 quotes.

Richa Hirmani

What Not to Miss While Looking for a Good Packers and Movers in Delhi?

Moving from one place to another is a stressful job. It not only taxes your body but also bears a strain on your mental state. Over a period of time, we accumulate a lot of memories in a house. When the time comes to shift to a different location, a lot of us can get overwhelmed by nostalgia. In order to make sure all your precious items are transported safely to their new abode, it is important that you hire the services of a reputed movers and packers in Delhi.

Below is a list of certain basic steps which can guide you in finding the right company for moving your stuffs from one city to another.


Go Local

In an age where everything is done online, ditching internet might sound weird. Sometimes weird thoughts do have long time benefits, especially if you are dealing with packers and movers from Delhi. Look for local service providers with at least ten years of experience. A local vendor has more credibility than a random company on the net.


Get Recommendations

Once you have shortlisted three or four vendors, the next step is to get recommendations from your friends, relatives and associates, about the quality of service, from the particular vendor. Do not rely on any word of mouth from anyone, who has not used their services. It is always better to go for first-hand information, rather than opting for online deals.


Make Sure Your Mover Has the Required License

Many movers operate on a freelancing basis and do not have the legal permits from the government to carry out business. Make sure the mover you select has the entire required permit along with a copy of insurance to carry out business.



Getting a realistic estimate plays an important role in selecting a movers and packers in Delhi. Never opt for any vendor, who gives you price list based on cubic meters. Ask for a separate pricing list for each of your items, plus the taxes. This would help you to compare their services with other service providers. Never sign anythingwithout understanding the terms of service and exemptions. Do not sign on any blank documents for any reason whatsoever.


Vist Their Facility Personally

Before you sign a contract, make sure you visit their facility in person to make sure they have their own vehicles and store houses. Often many rouge movers show up, with signs of their company attached to general moving trucks, they have hired for their business. Always opt for companies who have their own inventory.


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