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With so many different crushers, what Team SCM equipment best meets your needs? Explore our many options below. Or, rely on the experienced sales team at Crusher and Mill to find just the right crusher for your application.




short int long

。 short int ,-32767 32767 。 -(2^15 1)(2^15 1)。,2^15 2 15


: short KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. ; The railway station is only a short distance from here. 。 Bob is shorter than his younger brother. 。 2

Short | Define Short at Dictionary

Short definition having little length; not long. See more. Dictionary; Word of the Day; Translate; Games; Blog; Thesaurus; Favorites Dictionary;



Short GI_

short gi ,,802.11a/b/g800ns,short gi400ns,10%。



Life's Too Short ()

Life's Too ShortLife's Too Short、、、、、

Short (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)

byte byteValue() byte Short 。 int compareTo(Short anotherShort) Short 。 static Short decode(String nm)

Short url/shorten API

short_url/shorten URL XML/JSON HTTP GET

short(C# )

, 32767 int short。 short ,。 。

SOAP :: Short Oligonucleotide Analysis Package

SOAPdenovo NEW: SOAPdenovo a short read de novo assembly tool is a package for assembling short oligonucleotide into contigs and scaffolds. Latest Version: 2.04

in short of_in short of_in short of

in short ofin short ofin short ofin short ofin short ofin short ofin short ofin short of

Life's Too Short ()

Life's Too ShortLife's Too Short、、、、、

cut short_cut short___

cut short、、、、cut short、cut short、cut short。

for short-

short [FC:t] adj. (1) ; ; ; (2) ; (3) (4) (5) (6) ; ; (7) ; ;


short:n. adj.() adv.


short? short、short、short,,




shortC。 、,,,!